CEO Greeting

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CEO Greeting

Dear all customers of Asia Seed Co., Ltd,

We are most grateful for your continuous support of our varieties.

All the members of Asia Seed Co., Ltd. are putting our utmost effort to provide improving high quality seeds of your needs. Asia Seed Co., Ltd. has been allocating great amount of 20% of its sales revenue for research and development, while investing more than 5% of sales revenue into quality control program to ensure the seeds we supply has excellent quality to satisfy every growers.

In the breeding program of all the various crops, our target is to develop functional hybrids with extra health benefits. We breed hybrids that help maintain your health by consuming those vegetables.

Moreover, recent abnormal climate changes are leading to more difficulties in vegetable growing all around the globe. We plan to develop varieties with tolerance to harsh weather, resistance to various diseases and ability to show high yield for the benefit of growers.

All the staffs of Asia Seed Co., Ltd. are working with responsibility to keep everyone’s health by providing varieties which are easy to grow. We strive to be a company that shares the seeds of life by providing varieties for your needs through harmonious cooperation among research station, seed multiplication department, production department, and quality assurance center.

We ask for your continuous trust with Asia Seed Co., Ltd. and endeavor for the improvement of people’s health and income of vegetable growers. We will stand by your side and grow together as always.

If there is any unsatisfactory issue occurs with our business, please contact us as we will do our best to solve immediately.

We wish for your good health and happiness in your family

Kyoung-Ou Ryu.

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